Meet Michi, the solo project from Michelle Guerrero. Strongly influenced by the rhythmic sounds of Motown and Soul, music found her at a young age and the discovery of her own passion for singing and creating shortly followed. Growing up Latina in a home filled with diverse musical influences had a great effect on her own approach to writing music, with some of her personal favourites being Erykah Badu and the Isley Brothers. Michi began making music from her Highland Park, Los Angeles home and taking in the diverse mix of cultural influences of the area.
In the summer of 2019 Michi released the singles “Catch a Feeling” and “Still Feel U,” followed early the next year by what would become the lead track from her debut EP, “Night Moves.” The sensual mid-tempo records with distinctive vocals and shades of alternative R&B were heavily playlisted on Spotify and features from The FADER, Complex and Rolling Stone MX, among others. 
Her latest single “Talk Big” arose from years of enduring the unchecked ego of men in Michi’s life. The grooving bassline prowls across her husky, sultry vocals before kicking in with some fresh off-beat synth runs through the mid-tempo aura wrapped up in exotic late-night funky R&B. The alluring artist spills, “Having this platform now, the song is a form of release and a way to call out that guy whose head is up his own ass. Some people can just be trash, and “Talk Big” is my moment to check them in the most cheeky way possible.”

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