1. If you have news about a new single, EP, album or video to share, or news about a forthcoming gig or tour, then we will consider featuring your story on this website
2. Before you begin, take a look at the news features on this website to get an idea of the style and content that we require for publication
3. Prepare a press release (aim for between 500 and 1,000 words) describing your event, as either a Word document or PDF
4. You'll also need to supply a good-quality photo of your band, ideally in landscape format (don't forget to credit the photographer where appropriate)
5. If your news item is about new music, please provide the relevant cover art. If it's about a gig or tour, provide an image or PDF of the event flyer or tour poster
6. Email your press release, together with the relevant images, to arh_pix@aol.com. By sending the email, you're giving us permission to use the materials on this website
IMPORTANT: If you don't want the story to appear until a certain date (embargo), then be sure to state this clearly in your email
This is all completely free of charge, and there's no catch - we just love to promote new music! We can't guarantee to publish all the items we receive (we do get a lot of press releases), but if we run your story then we'll send you an email with the link once it's live
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