London-based experimental punk trio Girls In Synthesis release their debut album Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future on 28th August via Harbinger Sound, originally scheduled for release in May but put back due to the current pandemic.
More of a collective than a conventional band, the group and their collaborators have created all their own artwork, videos, photos as well as the records themselves, truly embodying the original meaning of DIY. Non-musical projects have included a long sold out and collectable series of lyric and poetry books, a month-long photography exhibition at Lomography in London and also a regular postal mailing list for fans, Redux Faction.
With the punk tag not quite fitting, the group have acquired a broad range of influences; disco and dub can be found rooted in the rhythm section whilst bands such as Crass and Flipper have informed the atonal guitar dissonance.
Album opener ‘Arterial Movements’ amply sets the scene for what is to follow, delivering high-energy punk that harks back to the best of the 1970s but with total relevance to the present. Highlights include the considerable musicianship of the multilayered ‘The Images Agree’, the emotional lyricism of ‘Human Frailty’, and the topical relevance of ‘They’re Not Listening’.
With ten tracks in just 32 minutes, there’s barely time to draw breath. The sheer ferocity of the music, combined with the raw emotion of the lyrics and the considerable technical skill on display, makes for a dizzying experience which reaches deep into your psyche and demands your attention. All in all this makes for a truly outstanding debut album that will resonate in your mind long after you listen to it.
Girls In Synthesis have a UK tour scheduled for October (government advice permitting), which includes Birmingham (Hare & Hounds), Nottingham (Chameleon Arts Cafe), Manchester (The Talleyrand), London (Shacklewell Arms) and Northampton (The Lab).
Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future track-listing:
Arterial Movements
The Images Agree
Human Frailty
They’re Not Listening
Cause For Concern
Coming Up For Air
Set Up To Fail
Tirades Of Hate and Fear
Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future is due for release on August 28 2020 via Harbinger Sound.
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