Why is Yorkshire such an epicentre of exciting and innovative new music? Whether it’s Lauren Tate with her compelling brat-punk alter ego Delilah Bon, or Olivia Hyde with her beautifully-crafted lyrics, there’s clearly something about God’s Own County that inspires musicians to move up to the next level. Another name on that noteworthy roster is Vicious Precious, the frontwoman and songwriter of Pretty Addicted, as evidenced by the outstanding work on display in her latest album, ‘Soul For Sale‘.
Pretty Addicted’s sound has been described as a cross between Marilyn Manson and 90s rave music, and that sums things up pretty well. There are influences from rave, punk, goth, trance, metal and electro evident here, but rather than being a jumble of genres it actually combines to form a coherent whole that is greater, much greater, than the sum of its parts.
That is due, in part, to the quality and power of the lyrics, which glue all the elements together. Vicious never once holds back, baring her soul for all to see (“I broke apart like a porcelain doll / Empty inside, they couldn’t find my soul / It’s lost in the void somewhere / As I lay here lifeless with my dead eyes stare”), but the vulnerability is balanced by an inner strength that emerges from her enviable articulacy in expressing her ideas and emotions.
Album standouts include title track ‘Soul For Sale‘, with lyrics so painfully raw that they practically bleed, and ‘Oink Fukkin Oink (Piggy II)‘, where the anger and wit of the lyrics is underpinned by the brilliantly multi-layered instrumentals. The album highlight for me is ‘Lone Wolf‘, which brings everything together – engaging vocals, enthralling instrumentals – to create a track that captivates from start to finish.
However, picking out favourites does a disservice to the remainder of the album – it’s all bloody good, and there’s not a single dud on it. ‘Soul For Sale‘ is an intense, intelligent and intoxicating blend of dance and punk that confirms Vicious Precious as one of the most exciting musicians at work in the UK today.
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