Alternative metal band Shadow Smile have released their new single ‘Beautiful Disaster’, the last of a trilogy of songs that includes ‘Digital God’ and ‘Left Hand Path’ to form a collection dubbed ‘The Unholy Trinity’. The latest track completes a narrative arc in which a dark order emerges from an underground cult and recruits new members.
The Sheffield-based band formed in 2019 and comprises Connor McGovern (vocals), Ciaran Frost (guitar), Ethan Goebel-Todd (bass) and Joe Fletcher (drums). Their last single ‘Left Hand Path’ was released in late 2019 to much acclaim, and ‘Beautiful Disaster’ lives up to the standards set by its predecessors.
The single opens with some delicate work on lead guitar, followed by a full-on wall of sound overlaid by Frost’s crisp vocals. The heavy but still melodic style is reminiscent of Ghost, and all four band members demonstrate considerable musicianship throughout a track that contains a well-balanced range of contrasting styles.
To be fully appreciated, ‘Beautiful Disaster’ needs to be heard in conjunction with the other tracks comprising ‘The Unholy Trinity’. ‘Digital God’ has driving riffs and often growling vocals, making it a worthy addition to the metal canon. ‘Left Hand Path’ is heavier still, with echoes of Slipknot, and simply demands to be headbanged to. ‘Beautiful Disaster’ provides a compelling contrast with these earlier tracks, and amply displays the band’s considerable musical range. Definitely recommended.
‘Beautiful Disaster’ is released on 1 May 2020 via Forge AMP.
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